About our Farm

Merih and Peter Woods are the owners and operators of Bar None Farms of Blessing in Blessing, Texas. They have a passion for growing healthy, local produce and herbs using aquaponics.

“We like to eat healthy food and have always had a garden. We also do not like to use chemicals on plants we are going to eat, so we have always worked hard to use only organically approved herbicides or pesticides.”

Merih’s hobby is growing flowers, plants and all types of vegetables. Her husband Peter has studied the best methods to grow healthy vegetables and introduced Merih to the idea of having an aquaponic greenhouse. Merih is from Massawa in Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa where water is scarce. As she prayed in her aquaponic greenhouse, she realized this type of growing could be an answer to food scarcity for many people in all types of places where lack of water rules out traditional farming.

Aquaponics uses less water than other types of growing and relies on the synergy of a connection between fish and plants. The fish provide fertilizer for the plants while the plants clean nitrogen from the water for the fish. In addition, it is a delicate balance that does not allow traditional pesticides to be used as they impact the health of the fish. For more about this growing system view our Aquaponics page.

Right now our vision is to make local, chemical free, non-GMO greens and vegetables available to people and restaurants in and around Matagorda County, Texas and continue to grow more crops. Sometime in the future we plan to open during the week for on-farm sales of other local food products, as well as their vegetables. Local producers are welcome to contact the farm for more information on how to sell their goods for this market.